Plenary lecture

Overview of Climbing Research (tentative)

Pierre Legreneur (France)

President of the IRCRA

Assistant Professor at the faculty of Sport Sciences of Lyon (France)

Biomechanics of sport climbing

First Speed Climbing champion in France



Physiology of climbing: building the way to high performance by the C-HIPPER study

Vanesa España-Romero (Spain)

Vice-president of IRCRA
Vanesa finished her PhD at the University of Granada (Spain) and completed her post Doc in Finland, Sweden, United States and UK. As a climber for over 20 years and a Professor at the University of Cadiz (Spain), She has been researching and teaching specifically in rock climbing for years. All of her research varying aspects of Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training, Fitness, Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Last climbing project performed was named “Climbing High Performance International Project (C-HIPPER Project)”

Special lecture


Toru Kobinata 小日向徹

Vice-president of the IFSC

Legendary Climbers

Sachi Amma 安間佐千

Two times IFSC LEAD WORLD CUP champion of the year


Koichiro Kobayashi 小林幸一郎

Three-time World Champion of the Para Climbing Championships)


First female Japanese Olympian in TOKYO 2020

Hiroshi Yasui 安井博志

Head coach of Sport Climbing Japan National Team

And some other climbing reseachers and/or legends will speak there.