Registration for participation

2021. 11.1 Late registration starts.


Two types of registration are prepared.


1. Full (4-day) registration

  *Presenters must register Full registration


2. 1-day registration

    *This is just for Day 4 (14th of November)



Important information

Registered person can participate in the online live sessions as below. 

  0) the Opening ceremony  

  1) the Plenary lectures

  2) the Invited lectures

  3) the special reports

  4) the General presentations (Live and Video)

  5) the special day of looking back on Tokyo Olympic Games (14th November)

  6) online brake out sessions for exchanging information among participants

  7) the Closing ceremony 

  and can get a book of abstracts (PDF)


Who must register?

  Anyone who would like to participate in the Congress must be registered.

   --The first author who submitted the abstract must be registered.

   --Presenters who are not the first author must also be registered.

   --Coauthors of the submitted abstracts also must register when she/he want to participate.


 Please read the following sentences carefully before registering.


Registration is completed in two (2) steps

  The first step is to submit the registration form.

  The second step is the payment of the participation fee.


1) 1st step: sending your registration form

  The registration form must be sent by the participant(s) themselves.

  Students are required to send their valid student card with a portrait or document that proves they are students.

         The registration form is  here!


2) 2nd step: payment of your participation fee

  The participation fee must be paid by credit card from the link below.

  Please pay only your entry fee, NOT with your collaborator's one.

  The credit card holder's name must be exactly the same as the registrant's name that was sent at the first step.

      You can pay your Full (4-day) participation fee from Here

  (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners, & Discover are available)


     If you would like to pay your One-day (14th November) participation fee please refer to the "One-day registration fee" section below.


         Payment link for the student's participation fee will be sent by email after the step 1.


1)   Full (4-day) participation fee


 Registration type

Application period


Online payment

Early registration

From 1st to 30th 







25000 JPY



(8,000 JPY for student)



(Payment info for student will be sent by email after step 1 was completed)

Normal registration

From 1st to 30th





30,000 JPY



(10,000 JPY for student)



Late registration


From 1st  to 11th


of November





35,000 JPY



12,000 JPY for student


Pay here




   Change history 

 Registration type

Application period


Online payment

Early registration


(Early bird)


From 1st of September

to 30th of September

 From 15th of July  to 15th of August  

 1st March - 31st May


25000 JPY

 40,000 JPY


  (8,000 JPY for


 (10,000 JPY for student)


Pay here



Payment link for student will be sent to students by email after step 1 was completed


 Normal registration

From 1st of October to 30th of October

From 16th of August to 30th of October 

1st June - 31st August

30,000 JPY

50,000 JPY

   (10,000 JPY for student)

(12,500 JPY  for student)


Late registration

 From 1st  to 13th  of November

6th September - 10th September

35,000 JPY

60,000 JPY

 12,000 JPY for student

(15,000 JPY for student)



2. One-day Registration fee

 The one-day registration fee is just for the Day 4 (Looking back to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games).

The registration fee must be paid in Japanese Yen (JPY) by credit card. This fee will be open from 1st of October.


One-day registration

 Registration type

Application period


Method of payment

1-day registration


Only for the Day 1 (14th of November)

From 1st of November to 13th of  November


12,000 JPY/day


15,000 JPY /day



(4,000 JPY/day for student)


(5,000 JPY /day for Student)

You can pay One-day participation fee