Instruction to the participants

Use the latest version of Zoom application

Please check your current zoom version and upload your zoom application to the latest version if needed. The latest version for Windows seems 5.8.3.

Display your name as following procedure

1. Presentation type: Please put the letter(s) left side of your first name

"P": Plenary lecturer, "S": Special reporter, "O": Olympic coach, "L": Live presentation, "V": Video presentation, "Z": Organizer

2. First name: Shinji


4. Country: Write your country in two or three letters in parentheses: (JPN) 


In case of Shinji Mizumura as an Organizer and Special reporter from Japan, "SZ Shinji Mizumura (JPN)" is my displayed name.

During Zoom meeting

  1. Please note that the Organizer is not responsible for any troubles caused by the participants' own connection environment or operation method.
  2. The Zoom URLs are different every day. Please check that it will be delivered to the registered e-mail address. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to transfer or share the Zoom URLs.
  3. Keep your video off and the microphone muted while you are in the main room of the Zoom meeting.
  4. Please participate in a stable internet environment. If the connection is poor or the connection is interrupted, please enter the room again.

 How to ask a question

  1. Please enter your question in the chat box to everyone.
  2. Please note that not all questions may be answered within the Q&A session.
  3. For further questions, ask the presenter directly during the breakout session.


Live presentation

  1. A total of one live presentation time is 15 minutes, including a 5-minute Q&A session. Please do not exceed the time.
  2. Live presenter can share your presentation file. Please share your presentation file by yourself. Organizer can assist it only when presenter would like.

Video presentation

  1. The Video Q&A session is like "Poster presentation". Basically, presenters can use 15 minutes as they would like.
  2. There are no chairpersons or facilitators in the room.
  3. Video presentation files have already been posted on the Congress website. You can view them at any time during the Congress, so please view it in advance. The Video presentation will only for question and answer.
  4. Five breakout rooms will be made for 5 video presenters. Video presenters should be in the corresponding breakout room.
    • Day 2: Room 1:V01, Room 2: V02, room 3: V03, room: V04, room 5: V05
    • Day 3: Room 1:V06, Room 2: V07, room 3: V08, room: V09, room 5: V10
  5. Participants can move to the breakout room as they want.


Things to do are:

  1. Introducing the names of the presenters and the titles of the presentations
  2. Facilitating Q&A session
  3. Controlling the 15-minute presentation time


Coffee break time

  1. During the coffee break time, about 10 breakout sessions will be made. 
  2. Please your video and the microphone ON in the breakout room.
  3. Participants can talk with other participants in the breakout rooms. Enjoy conversation!



  1. Participants without presentation cannot record any presentation.
  2. The organizer will record Plenary lectures, Special reports, and Report from Olympic coaches. 
  3. General live presenters can record their presentations by themselves.