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Izumi Campus of Meiji University, Tokyo, JAPAN
 in 2021


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2020.11.30 <Important notice!>

The local organiser is trying to hold the 5th Congress at Meiji University from 6th to 10th September in 2021. Meiji University will decide to rent or NOT to rent their campus for holding the Congress in 2021 at the end of January in 2021 due to COVID-19 situation.  Although it depends on the domestic infection status of COVID-19 in Japan, please prepare your presentation and comming to Tokyo for the Congress. The organiser will inform about the venue at the begining of February in 2021


2020.11.1        Yuji Hirayama has been added as a Special Lecturer!    

2020.3.27        5th Congress has been postponed to 2021. (27th March 2020)

2020.3.1          Abstract submission has been opened. (1st March 2020)

2020.2.13  News!! Introduce mountain near the TOKYO

2020.2.8    Home page Setting now